Photos by Motoman and Tim

We decided to play tourist and went to Arches National Park! Absolutely incredible! Enjoy the pictures! At days end we found some fun people on the Colorado River. Cliff jumping into the water at night was a trip!

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DSCN0845.jpg DSCN0915.jpg DSCN0948.jpg DSCN0961.jpg DSCN1023.jpg
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DSCN1048.jpg DSCN1073.jpg DSCN1086.jpg DSCN1090.jpg IMG_9591.jpg
IMG_9592 IMG_9592_3_4Enhancer IMG_9595 IMG_9595_6_7Enhancer IMG_9598
IMG_9592.jpg IMG_9592_3_4Enhancer.jpg IMG_9595.jpg IMG_9595_6_7Enhancer.jpg IMG_9598.jpg

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