"Arizona Classic Broncos Stampede", March 2003

Every year in July, ACB (Arizona Classic Broncos) puts on Arizona's best shindig for our Bronco community and their friends.  Normally we retreat the searing summer heat and head for the hills.......... more commonly known as Cinder Hills in Flagstaff.  July last year we were years into a major drought and the Chediski fire raged the high country.  The Forest Service shut down the forests for fear of more fires.  We were without a spot for our annual stampede. 

With all the homes and businesses getting destroyed by the fire, a vote was taken and everyone who had registered for the stampede in advance were given 3 choices....... get their refund, donate their registration to fire victims, or stay pre-registered for the rescheduled stampede, slated for March 2003......

Deano was able to present a check to Arizona's Family Wildfire Relief fund in the amount of $485 from all the donated registration fees.  Major kudos to those who help make that possible!

Well, that brings us to March 2003...........  STAMPEDE TIME! 

A month ago, a nagging engine problem finally got the best of my Bronco, and it was time for a rebuild.  It's tough to find the perfect time to pull your Bronco down for repairs.  Arizona always has something fun going on.......  I knew I was going to miss the Stampede. 

Well, good friend and neighbor Vince has been working on this beautiful Bronco for over a year now.  If we are not in my garage, you can usually find me over there in his garage.  He's put together one fine rig!  His wife had to work the weekend and he needed to get his Bronco out on the trail for the first time since it's reincarnation.  And guess what?  He needed a co-pilot!  I mean could it get any better?


Just take me to all the pics now!

We loaded his Bronco up behind my truck, packed light and headed out to the ACB Stampede. 

We managed to hook up with Don and Tim Martin with Don's Bronco having newly done Teralow gears!  We picked a nice flat spot with a good view of the passing rigs.....

Soon as the Bronco was off the trailer it was time for a poser shot!  Great looking truck..... anxious and nervous on it's maiden voyage!
We couldn't help but run it down the road immediately to Lower Woodpecker.... Nice silhouette shot of Vinnie and his truck as he airs down.
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Just take me to all the pics!

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