Chasing Baja 2004

By Greg Banfield aka Motoman

Baja 2004 is here!  Wow... can't believe it's been a year since we were in Mexico chasing for Old Horsing Racing and Chuck and Phil!  Chuck (BC Broncos) had gone back to the shop and completely re-designed his race truck using the 2003 experience as a guideline.

Long time friend Johnny Brink was asked to co-pilot with me this year. 

Here's a photo journal of our trip!  Congrats to Chuck and co-drivers in achieving 3 place in our class!  Even after a major rollover!

Trip to Ensenada

Johnny and I got out of Phoenix about 30 miles and saw a guy on a bike trying make it down the shoulder of the freeway eastbound with a gas can on his lap.  We pulled a u-turn and picked the guy up and took him to get gas.  Then gave him a lift back to his family on the side of  the road.  Then continued on our way! We stayed the night in a little camping ground north of the Mexican border.  Had breakfast and enter Mexico through Tecate.


It was great seeing everyone again from Baja 2003!  The condo was ground zero for all logistics.  Chuck had everyone look over the race truck to see if we could see any thing that needed attention.  A few zip ties and rubber hose sheathing to protect rub spots!  The race truck had come along way from last year!



Johnny and I hopped in the Bronco and pre-ran the course through Ensenada down to Ojos Negros area.  It was way after midnight and we stopped for tacos....well the pit truck and race truck and trailer were parked on the white line, so drivers and rigs got impound for ?????  I don't know.. they made up something that cost $100.


We had a lot to do this day... a quick run through contingency and the on the road to southern baja to get in front of the race truck.....

Chase Driving

What a crazy trip south!  We got pulled over in Ensenada and had to pay $40 for obstuction of traffic...yea sure! What ever!  Fleeced again!  Once on the road Dan was doing a great job hustling down south... narrow roads...accidents...great views...and finally the race truck showed up!  Another great side note we got to pit Robby Gordon at the 700 mile mark!

Finish Line

After a grueling race, a roll over and the never ending pounding of Baja we roared across the finish line in 3rd place.  Everyone was wipped!  We all went out to a celebration dinner.  We ran into Sal Fish at the restaurant.  had an awesome chat :)

Back to Ensenada

24 hour trip in the back of a super duty for the ride back to Ensenada...i think we slept 22 of the 24 too!  It was great swapping stories of the trip when we got back to the condo.  Johnny and I headed out.  A tropical storm was throwing waves of rain at us!

Heading to San Felipe

By the time we got halfway across baja heading for San Felipe we encountered a freak BAJA snowstorm.  It was wicked pulling a trailer through the snow in the Mexican mountains.

San Felipe and Home

We enjoyed a day in San Felipe and finished our trek back to Phoenix!!  What an experience!  Thank you very much Johnny for all your help!

Viva Baja 1000, 2004

God Bless

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