Gauge Panel

For awhile I ran a set of trio gauges under the steering wheel.  They were hard to see and it wasn't long before I needed to install additional gauges and switches and the dash was getting busy fast.  A friend of mine, Mark fabbed a wooden console under the dash, which we wrapped in felt to house the gauges and switches.  The wood just didn't take the abuse and I was looking for something more stout.  Another friend of mine, Bill, suggested that we make it out of aluminum.  It's very easy to work with and shines up nice.

We decided to install an accessory fuse block under the hood, which fed a terminal block system within the new console.  This way, we would have a row of power and ground to connect all the switches and gauges too.  Below is the final product we came up with!  I have been very happy with it for years now!

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