Motoman's  AEB/HDR Image Collection

Auto Exposure Bracketing/High Dynamic Range

My grandfather sparked my interest in photography at a young age.  He used to take trips to Canada and Alaska to fish and would come back with phenomenal pictures on slides and show the family.  The clarity and perspective of his images were inspiring to say the least.  Over the years I have tinker with different cameras and really enjoyed documenting my life along the way.  I like to take pictures of family, my hobbies, weather, and anything else that inspires me....My latest camera is a Canon S5 IS.  It took me four years to replace my Olympus C4040 after thieves needed it more than I did....

Something I found with this camera was Auto Exposure Bracketing.  It really peaked my interest because it can be difficult to get the right exposure under tricky light conditions -- like when your subject is standing against an especially dark or light background. Auto Exposure Bracketing increases your chances of getting your shot by automatically making three different exposures of the same shot -- one at normal exposure, one underexposed and one overexposed.  Then using software you combine the images to get one outstanding picture!

Some tips I have picked up or figured out:

  • You must hold the camera as still as possible, use a tripod, timer and other means to keep the camera still....

  • Mid day light (outside) narrow AEB range works good

  • Early morning or late in the day with deep shadows a wider AEB setting works fantastic

  • Cameras that take sequential images fast are better and produce clearer HDR images if you don't use a tripod or the shot you are trying to get is moving... (clouds, leaves in the wind, waves, etc.)

The following are some of my attempts... I am learning as I go.  I know most of these have the bike in them...soon as I get out and do some exploring I will add more of other things!  Since my camera does 3 images I will show you the original three and then the combined image.  Enjoy!

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