Greg Banfield aka Motoman

Moab Bronco Safari 2002, Day 2

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An early morning turned into a late day when Brad's alternator went south. Half the group left for the trailhead, while the other eight of us circled the wagons at NAPA to help cheer Brad on. One alternator, voltage regulator, snapped bolt in the head and some serious ragging, his Jeep was back on the road headed to Lower Helldorado. Great day on the trail. Could not believe how much things had changed in that wash. Keith gets the damage of the day award. Rock ate his tie rod, skid plate, fan, rear quarter and a litte of his pride. Brad lost a ujoint towards the end of the trail. Everyone made it out and then we hit Lower Proving Grounds. Short trail that kicks ass!! Thanks for leading up through that trail Mike!