Greg Banfield aka Motoman

Moab Bronco Safari 2002, Day 3

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Mike insisted on an early rise to beat everyone into Pritchett Canyon. As with every year we were greeted by the older gentleman that owns the entrance. First obstacle break went to Bradley again. CV died hard. Off to the shop with front wheel drive. The rest of us continued up the canyon and was treated to the awesome beauty of Pritchett. The canyon was extremely dry this year. Rocker Knocker only let a priviledge few up. Len had put a three try limit before the strap this year to keep things moving. What happen at the Rock Pile?? The rocks were moved, the go around destroyed and a new bypass was created. At the top we got the call from Brad that he was fixed and coming at us from the other direction down While Knuckle. We left some of the group at the county road and continued on through Behind the Rocks! Another fun night getting out of there. We had a winching party at White Knuckle! Enjoy the pics!