Greg Banfield aka Motoman

Moab Bronco Safari 2002, Day 4

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We tried the early rising thing, but stuck in camp fixing all the little things from the day before. Brad had lost a rear Revolver Shackle and had to find some Camaro shackles to put on the Jeep. After our late start, we took a huge group to the Pickle. It was fun watching everyone traverse the tight canyon. A few of us tried an optional ugly. Kudos goes to Brent for making it up! On the way back we headed up the back way to Rusty Nail. On the way, Mike lost a stub shaft and a small group stayed behind to help him fix the carnage. Or should I say Brenda fixed the carnage! Right on girlfriend!! We all finally got grouped back up on top of Rusty Nail. Brent ended up seperating his third member from the housing in an ugly way. Some of us made it to the crack to play. After a long limp out we hit Denny's for din din. 3 AM bed time. On the way out Ray tipped his rig on the side. Him and Leah were fine and minimal damage due to the exoskeleton he was running.