Motoman's Panoramic Images

I have enjoyed photography for many years now.  Nature, weather, people and 4 wheeling are my favorite topics to shoot.  With the digital world coming into focus, it's made for some interesting options you have with photos.  I have become quite proficient with Adobe Photoshop, Bryce 3D and other graphic software packages.  I decided to put together a small webpage for my panoramic images that I have stitched together over the years.  My latest software tool that I purchased is Pixtra.  You can find information on their product at .  Please note that all images on this site are COPYRIGHT 2002 Motoman's Madness and owner and can only be used with expressed written permission.......... Thank you!  If you would like prints of any of the images on this site please contact me at .    The majority of these images were taken with an Olympus 4040 Zoom.


This is a shot of the backyard right after we installed our pool.  6 images total.

This is the largest panoramic that I have stitched together.  It was nine images total.  A killer storm entered the valley!

This is of course the header to my webpage.  But in the background is a stitched image of the town of Moab, UT


What a killer sunset.  Looks like the sky is on fire (Nov 2002).  This is a 180 degree view of 95th ave looking south over Beardsley in Peoria, AZ.

We had a big storm July 2002 and it filled the park and turned it into a lake by our house.  Six images total.

Moab, UT during the Moab Bronco Safari 2002.  Shot from the over look on the Moab Rim Trail.

The top of Martinez Canyon in Florence Jct, AZ 2002.  Seven images total.

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