Peck Canyon Trip

I heard about some guys from work going on a wheeling trip over Memorial weekend.  I asked Greg about it and he said come on along.  I got ahold of a couple more friends and we met up with them Sunday.  The original plan was to meet up with them where the pavement ends off of Bumble Bee road, but we were running a little late and finally caught up with them midway through the trip.  We had a pretty diverse group, from mild to wild trucks. 


The trail took us up past the Desoto Mine.  We stayed a few minutes there and explored the area.  Once rested and cooled off we headed up the trail to meet up with Greg and group.  Along the way, I heard my rear ujoint starting to squeak.  I nursed it along until we could find some good shade to change it out. 
As luck would have it I did not have a spare u-joint with me.  So we removed both drive shafts, and put the u-joint from the front shaft into the rear.  This way I could go out in rear wheel drive.

Once we left the comforts of Goat Ranch, we traversed a couple of rocky sections.  Everyone did famously. 
The next section was rough in its own way.  The whole place had gone through a forest fire.  It made the sticks and stubs extra hard.  This section of trail killed 5 tires in one mile.  Right through the sidewalls.  Extreme care had to be taken to make it back to Senator Highway.

Once out of the burn area we split up and one group went to Mayer and we went to Crown King to stay the night.  We had a great time and it was great meeting new people on the trail.  Looking forward to getting out there again soon!
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