Infinity Product's Dash Overlay

While perusing Performance Unlimited's Project MPG II website one day, I came across their review of Infinity Product's Dash Overlay.  Wow, it looked nice.  Took away that plastic look of the Ford dash.  Plus it broke up the acres of dash in my Super Duty.  I contacted Infinity Products and was able to get one shipped to the house.  If you have looked around my site at all, I usually do an in-depth installation article on the products in or on my vehicle.  Well, this one was so easy, it was on in no time and no pictures during the install.

The dash comes with a two sided tape in all the right places.  You take a 50/50 mix of alcohol and water and use swabs to clean the dash in the pertinent areas.  Then use the provided primer to further prep the area.  Do a test fit before peeling the backing off the tip.  Make sure the overlay does not interfere with the operation of any switches, vents or knobs.  Once you get a good idea of how it fits, pull the back off the tape and press the dash into place.  Keep pressure for a few minutes on the different areas to ensure a tight bond.  Try to accomplish this project in at least 70 F.  Adhesive should be totally cured in 24 hours.  That's it! 


I can't tell a difference from the factory Burlewood.  It matches the door pieces perfectly.  They have kits to do around the window buttons, front and back doors, steering wheel and many more options.  Performance Unlimited takes a look at these and their installation.  Be sure to check them out!


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