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Back in 2001 I decided to retire my F350 4x4 Standard cab tow rig.  I had been researching the new Super Dutys since 1999 and was dying to get my hands on one.  By the time I could arrange financing it was mid June 2001.  A friend of mine called Sanderson Ford in Glendale, AZ for me and got a great deal through Fleet Sales. I picked up a 2001, Powerstroke diesel 7.3L, Auto, Lariat, 4x4, Offroad package, Towing Package, 6 Disk CD, Alloy wheels, Air, power everything.  The only thing it didn't come with was the heated seats and cab lights.  Primary duty for this truck will be to tow the Bronco to different events and pack the family into the mountains!

As with any new truck you start looking for that first modification that makes it yours!  If you looked around this site much at all you will see the extensive list of mods that I have tracked on my Bronco.  The list below will continue to grow as I find different ways to make this truck my own!




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