Super Chip Micro Tuner vs DiabloSport Predator Tuner

I originally spent quite a bit of time when I bought the Predator doing testing on some back roads.  I charted this information and wanted to do the same when I bought the SuperChip Micro Tuner.  I never did to the extent I did before because I soon realized the important numbers are real world.  I will give a brief description of my personal experience with both tuners.

This is my typical setup on the weekends.  I tow the Bronco back and forth to different events often.  It was great when I finally bought the Super Duty.  Worry free towing.  Low maintenance and leather!  Woohoo!  The Bronco, trailer and gear weigh in @ 7000 lbs.  It's amazing how easy the Powerstroke handles that weight.  My old F350 460 CID really felt the weight.  Ok, on to the comparison.  It's really important to understand that all tuners will exhibit different characteristics depending on the base code in your ECM and the build of your truck.  Baseline for both tuners.....

  • 2003 Ford Powerstroke Diesel

  • AFE Intake

  • DPPI aluminized 4" dual exhaust with 5" SS Tips

  • 3:73 Gears

  • 35" Nitto Terra Grappler Tires

Diablo Sport Predator Tuner SuperChip Micro Tuner

This was the first tuner that I purchased for my truck.  The hype about this new tuner was incredible.  I couldn't wait to get my hands on it. 


  • The Predator has a large display. 

  • Easy to read menu system.  Seriously, anyone can pull it out of the box and put it to use.

  • Very fast interface.  I was amazed at how fast you could load a tune. 

  • I also liked the ability to see over 200 inputs from all over the truck.  See the data real time.  Really cool toy.

  • I liked that you could read codes and it had descriptions of the codes.  You didn't need a service manual to figure out the codes

  • HP settings: 40/60/85 as tested.  I think they now offer a 100 HP setting. 

  • You could really noticed a power increase with all the settings.  The 85HP setting felt like you were in a drag truck!  :)

  • Easy to reset check engine lights


  • The higher the HP setting the more sensitive the gas pedal became.  Very hard to take off smooth.

  • Cool but excessive smoke on the higher HP settings.  It was fun at first, but it would smoke all the time.

  • Didn't really firm up the tranny at all.  Had hyper mush feeling.  Sometimes when you would get on it it would feel like the torque converter never really locked up.

  • In the higher HP settings you could spike the EGTs way to easy.  When towing you would have to back out of it to keep the EGT down right when you felt you needed to hold to the floor to make the hill.

  • Would blow codes all the time when on the 85HP setting.

    • Waste Gate Control Valve performance

    • Injector control pressure higher/lower then desired (engine running)

    • Overboost codes

  • Your overhead computer no longer works properly


I got my hands on the SuperChip Micro Tuner the same weekend I had to drive up to Las Vegas, NV.  I did some light charting during the trip, but again I was not trailering and had a light load.  Here's my impressions of the SCMT.


  • Instantly noticed a huge improvement in the transmission shifts.  Nice and firm.  Not hard hitting at all. 

  • EGTs were lower across the board.  I have towed with the SCMT now for almost a year.  I am able to climb any hill so far and keep the EGTs under 1200.  I notice that if you over fuel it (keeping your foot to the floor) you can get the temps higher, but there is no power increase so you just back the pedal off till the EGTs stabilize.  Learn to drive your truck.

  • No hyper sensitivity of the gas pedal.

  • Incredible fun power in all settings.  HP settings 70/90/110.

  • I dont bother with the 70 HP.  The 90HP setting is very powerful and is tow safe.  If I am not towing for a long period I will throw the 110HP in there.  Never in my life did I ever think a diesel truck could stand up and dance like this truck.  I am still just flabbergasted at how much power these Powerstrokes put out.  I can't wait to get my gearing back to at least stock ratios.  I know I am losing power with the oversized tires.

  • Very low smoke compared to the Predator.

  • Has never set off a code or check engine light


  • It's hard to have all that power on tap and not use it.  I have suffered at the pump cause I can't keep my foot out of it.  :)

  • In one year I have almost wore out a set of tires from burning them off.

  • I just went to court today for a ticket.  Did you know it's against the law to squeal your tires in Phoenix, AZ?  $115 fine.  OWE!

  • It takes longer to upload tunes ( I don't do it often anyway)

  • Does not have descriptions with codes (never needed 'em)

The SCMT has worked out far better for me then the Predator on many levels.  I really didn't like the power loss after I raised the truck and put big tires on it.  My plan is to go to 36-37" tires next and change the gearing to 4:56.  I just couldn't afford it this time around so I settled for the in between size.  Well, the intake/exhaust/tuner combo gave me back all that power and way more then I had originally.  Let me know what your experiences have been.........  I have heard good and bad things with Bully Dog, Edge Juice and so on......One of these days I may go for a custom tune.  I will keep gathering data and enjoying the current setup.

Try to keep EGTs under 1250 Try to keep tranny temps under 200 The higher the better for boost! <30 psi
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