Advanced Flow Engineering (AFE) Magnum Force Airbox and Filter
There are a few easy ways to get more punch out of your Power Stroke Diesel.  One of them is to open up the restrictive intake system.  After researching the different systems out there, I landed on the AFE setup offered by Innovative Truck Products.

The Advanced Flow Engineering (AFE) "Magnum Force" airbox for Ford PowerStroke trucks includes an AFE "Magnum Flow" conical air filter that attaches to an adapter that replaces the factory airbox lid. The adapter is made of steel and powder coated in black. It has a rubber gasket that seals against the hood of the truck when closed. It also features a rain guard that prevents water from getting into the airbox from between the hood and fender.

I found out that ITP is local here in Phoenix.  After a brief call to Dennis we arranged a meet to pick up the AFE system.  As with any truck owner, I was really excited to get this system on the truck right away.  Dennis sensed my excitement and offered to just install it right in his driveway!  The whole process lasted about 5 minutes!  Here's some pics from the install.

First thing you do is remove the cover and filter from the stock air box.  Then snap the extended housing on top of the original airbox. 
Attached the induction hose to new location.  As you can see Dennis doing in this picture!  What a guy!  If you get a chance to do business with Dennis you won't be disappointed! 

The picture above show the new filter element installed with the optional pre-filter.  This came highly recommended because I like to play in the dunes and we live in a high dust environment.

The install was extremely easy.  AFE says their element flows 300% better then stock!  I haven't heard of anyone experiencing Turbo Stall or Surge with this type of filter system.  Thanks again Dennis!!!

Following information provided by Advanced Flow Engineering, Inc.

Jenna enjoying her visit with Dennis

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