ProComp 7" Lift for 2001 SuperDuty Powerstroke

As with any modification with my vehicles I painstakingly analyze it to death to reach a decision on which product to purchase.  Unfortunately money is always a factor and I try and get the best bang for the buck.  I wanted to improve the look and performance of my SD suspension.  SuperDuty Headquarters had links to different lift and tire combinations and was a huge help in figuring out the look and lift I wanted.

I contact 4 Wheel Parts here in Mesa, AZ to get a price.  A buddy of mine was interested in getting a lift and we tried to get a 2 Lift Kit discount.  Well, he wasn't ready to commit so I kept looking for a deal.  I got to talking with the folks at Offroad Unlimited.  They gave me the best price I had seen so far and for an extra $100 threw in MX-6 adjustable shocks on all 4 corners.

This is their NW Phoenix location. 
I came in at 7:30 in the morning with a stock SuperDuty I came back at 4:30 and picked up a monster  :)
I brought it home to show it off with the stock tires still on it.  Got quite a giggle from the family on that one. I had been tossing around the idea of different tires.  Ultimately I wanted 37" PJ's with 17" rims.  But I was on a budget. 

If I was to go to 37" tires I knew I would need gears.... $1000 cha ching.... 17 inch rims $270 a piece x 4 $1080 cha ching .... 37" PJ tires $280 a piece x 4 $1120 cha ching........ it all of a sudden became way too expensive.  I wanted to get everything done for under $3000.  I found a cool set of aluminum rims and 35" Nitto Terra Grapplers at Discount Tire for $1200 bucks out the door with non matching spare.  Between the lift, wheels and tires I came in about $2600 installed.  Not too bad.  Now I am saving for the 4:56 gears and 36" or 37" tires next go around.


I like it, rides nice!  Gets all kinds of attention!  AND DOES NOT SQUAT WITH A LOAD! 

Ok, some things they don't tell you about when you lift a super duty.  It will develop a driveline shudder.  I was so pissed that no one tells you that you are not done with just the lift.  They give you shims to lower your driveline carrier bearing, but it still binds.  This is what we had to do to fix the problem.  Click here!  Also, in the state of AZ any truck lifted above stock and/or is a 1 Ton or bigger requires mud flaps.  I just got a $115 ticket for no mud flaps.  It would help if someone would tell you that too!


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