DPPI 4" Aluminized Exhaust System from Innovative Truck Products

We've been busy here at Motoman's Madness lately.  One of the key upgrades to a diesel power plant is the exhaust.  The more fuel you dump in the engine, the hotter the exhaust gas temperatures.  You need to expel that exhaust to keep your exhaust gas temperatures under control.  Innovative Truck Products carries one of the top of the line systems by DPPI.  Here in Arizona we don't have a big corrosion problem.  We can run the aluminized systems forever.  Where as back east needs to upgrade their system to the stainless steel systems.  Also if you like a little more bling bling, the stainless systems come polished!   We just couldn't beat the cost of a complete 4" aluminized (turbo to tip) exhaust system from ITP.  Speaking of tips, this system also came with a 5" Polish Stainless Steel tip.  It's awesome!

Here's the specs on the DPPI 4" aluminized system.

  • High Quality Mandrel Bent Aluminized Tubing

  • CNC Machined Downpipe Mounting Collar

  • Welded T-304 S.S. Hangers (where possible)

  • Spiral Flow Muffler Design

  • 5" Polished / Rolled Lip Tip

  • One Kit Fits All - No Extra Extensions to Buy

I noticed in other kits you had to pay extra for a down pipe of choice or an extension pipe based on the size of your wheelbase.  Not with this system.  IT IS ALL INCLUDED FOR ONE LOW PRICE!  Check out ITP's sound files!

Hear and see the new exhaust! Take off and drive by in the F250! (7 Meg), MPEG

First thing I did was to completely familiarize myself with the stock exhaust system.  This is where I have to get a 11mm socket into to loosen the down pipe at the turbo.

The factory exhaust uses a 3" down pipe to a 3.5" exhaust pipe into a fatty muffler that restricts down to 2", then back out of a 3.5 tail pipe.  All the bend are kinked and back by the spare tire the pipe is actually dented in to clear the spare!  I can't wait to get the new system on the truck!

This is a good shot of the path of the stock down pipe going into the turbo. 

A complete long shot of the exhaust system.

I opened up the DPPI box and compared all the parts to the inventory list.  Everything was there as expected.  All the pieces were laid out.  I cannot believe how long our trucks are!

Since the down pipe extends down from the turbo past the cross member, I decided to just sawzall the pipe apart.  This is recommended by DPPI.  Once this was cut the V-lock clamp at the turbo was loosened and the down pipe just fell out. 

Also as recommended by DPPI, the hangers were all sprayed by WD40 to help get the old hangers out of the rubbers.  This worked great!

It was comparison time!  DPPI doesn't just flare their pipe to fit the turbo, the have a custom stainless collar welded into the system for exacting fit and longevity.  What a difference in the size coming out at the turbo!

OH YEAH!!!  The new system swallows the stock exhaust!

Here's a couple of pics that show the new lighter weight flow through design of the new muffler!  The spiral actually keeps the acceleration of the spinning turbo gases going all the way to the tail pipe!  Be sure to point to opening of the louvers to the rear of the vehicle.  You don't want the louvers to catch the exhaust!

We had to do some minor adjusting as we rolled down the line tightening the clamps to keep proper clearances.  The DPPI instructions go over this in detail.

After the final adjustments and getting the angle where we wanted on the tail pipe it was time to fire it up.  At idle you barely notice a difference.  It is deeper....... it's when you rev it or accelerate when you hear this exhaust come alive.  I have never heard anything like it!  It's throaty, you hear a turbo whine that is badass!  I will try and post a sound bite soon!  If I had it all to do over again, I would get the same system!  My exhaust temps are down across the board.  The turbo spools faster and it sounds great!

One final note:  Information courtesy of DPPI

The Diesel Performance Parts Power Stroke system has been dyno tested to produce as much as 23 horsepower and 48 foot pounds of torque.  The average gains are 18 horsepower and 40 foot pounds of torque. The system will lower your exhaust gas temperatures up to 200 degrees. Mileage gains will also be related to your driving style and truck operating condition. The extra power an exhaust system provides is great, but the systems ability to lower your exhaust gas temperatures will allow you to make other performance modifications and still keep your temperatures at a safe level.

Thanks for the assembly help Vince!


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