Performance Unlimited Bullet Proof Tie Rod
Pictures and Story By Greg Banfield  

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Review of: Bullet Proof Tie Rod

  • 1973 Early Bronco
  • Dana 44 front axle
  • AGR Power Steering box 

As you remember, the last couple of months here at Alloffroad, we had a chance to work with Randall at Performance Unlimited and solve our steering woes with his Bullet Proof Steering System.  You say "solve"?  I say yes.  So far I have had remarkable results.  The trails conquered here lately include:

These trails have introduced sand, rocks, water, and mud to the front end and it still feels like the day we put it on.  Randall has very precise techniques when it comes to assembling the components.  If these are followed, you should have the same experience with your kit.  Don't forget that Performance Unlimited can make custom setups for almost any rig.

Randall can make it as tough as you need it with the three different tubing sizes.  

Here are the RockProof, RaceProof, and TrailProof versions.  We are running the TrailProof BulletProof tie rod on our project Bronco.

Check out some of the pics from the trails!  For complete write ups on the trails, click on the bullets above!  Enjoy!

Glamis Sand Dunes:  Here I am watching Robby Gordon going airborne over the jumps that the motorcycles thought they were the only ones that could do the double! 

Click here to see him fly!!

Glamis Sand Dunes are known for their punishing little fine grits of sand getting into everything and grinding metal to a pulp.

The tight tolerances in the rod end keep the harmful stuff out and maintain a very tight feel.

Raw Deal looks like rocks from another planet.  Obviously liquid rock made it's way into this canyon. 

Water and erosion has carved challenging formations the entire trail.  Many trucks have twisted tie rods and rolled it over through here.  No problem for the Bronco's front end!

Bumble Bee Wash:  Big slippery rocks that throw your truck around. 

Every obstacle it seems that someone has placed a diff killer, tie rod bender, or something to slow your pace and see if you have what it takes!


Just an added note:  Previous to the install of the Bullet Proof tie rod system, I had installed 36" x12.50 - 15 Super Swamper TSL/SX tires.  I had a noticeable shimmy in the front end.  I went through two set of track arm bushings and the problem was still there.  Even got the tires balanced.  Once the Bullet Proof tie rod system was installed, I have not had a single bit of shimmy or the "death wobble" in the front end.  

Incase you missed the original write up on the installation, click here to see a complete write up.

If you have any questions about the setup, Randall is always available to assist you.

Just contact Performance Unlimited by clicking here, or call them at: 262-673-4077.

You say you are not completely sold on the system yet?  Check out testimonials from other customers!!!  Click here!

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