Performance Unlimited Track Arm System
Pictures and Story By Greg Banfield

If you have owned your Bronco for any length of time, there's a good chance that you have experienced what some call the "Death Wobble".  In a Bronco this can be caused by many things (i.e. worn steering components, poor quality tires, WORN TRACK ARM BUSHINGS).  As you modify your vehicle with a lift and bigger tires, there are a few areas that need addressing to keep your vehicle safe on the road or trail.  When you lift your vehicle, you actually pull the body to the passenger side if you don't relocate the track arm.  This misaligns the body over the suspension.  Also, you change the angles between your drag link and track arm.  These need to be close as possible to parallel to prevent bump steer.  When you add bigger tires and go romping over the rough stuff you begin to wear track arm bushings at a rapid rate.

These are just some of the things that Performance Unlimited Track Arm System addresses.  My last set of track arm bushings (Urethane) lasted one trip to Moab.  When I came back from the trip and put my street tires back on, I had tremendous death wobble.  Click here for a short video showing death wobble (2.4Meg, MPEG ).

I contacted Randall at Performance Unlimited to help me solve another Steering/Suspension woe!  A few years back I worked with Randall to beef up my drag link and tie rod for my project Bronco.  Those write ups can be found here!  That Bullet Proof Steering system has given me ZERO problems!  I put it on and then forgot all about it!  If only all of our upgrades could hold to that standard!  It was only natural to go back to Performance Unlimited for the other piece left in my system.  THE TRACK BAR!

OK, your asking what is so special about PU's Track arm.  The following technical data is provided by Performance Unlimited:

Our Bullet Proof Track Bar™ with it's positive joints, eliminates any bushing movement, & provides an effortlessly flexible connection point which allows for increased articulation of already modified suspensions. The adjustable feature allows easy axle centering (side to side) whenever raising or lowering your suspension. The Light weight, super-strong track bar weighs in at under 6.5 pounds, almost 30% of the OEM unit. The upper connection point (left) uses a spacer sleeve to locate the bar forward  as possible to provide as much clearance at the differential cover as possible. A new 3/4" Grade-9 F911® bolt, which are used in the Aerospace Industry, is used in the newly drilled hole in the bracket.
The lower connection also uses a spacer sleeve to locate the track bar  forward for the same reasons that the upper connection is relocated. The sleeve transfers leverage to the base of the bolt, rather than forcing the outer end of the bolt to absorb all the load leverage. The special spacers allow maximum front end flex to nearly 60 degrees of forward & back articulation with unlimited side to side articulation. Note the ample clearance between the tie rod (arrow) at full lock, and the track bar. Rod Ends are used at both points since all bushings must be eliminated to achieve 100% effectiveness and eliminate all the problems mentioned.
In addition to the spacers, the track bar also incorporates gentle, stronger bends where required to provide maximum clearance at the differential cover. Any necessary bends needed in the track bar is kept to a minimum to increase strength. Even so, the actual measured strength at the bend is nearly double that of most original Track Bar piece. For special applications with thicker front differential covers or larger front ends, custom bends can also be made on request.
Be sure to visit for additional details on their track bar systems. 

Let's get to the install!

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