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2007 Trips

Christmas GP Speedworld MX Park Dec 2007

This was the final race for the AMRA 2007 Race series.  I want to thank all my family for making it out to the race.  The race was alot of fun, fast and lots of elbow to elbow racing!!!  Enjoy!


You wait your whole life to get something nice and friggen thieves steal it!  F%*K!

"Trouble's" run up Yarnell Nov 2007

Trouble (Matt) posted a sportbike ride up to Yarnell and Prescott for Saturday.  We had a bike go down on Yarnell.  Hope Dustin is doing ok.  About seven of us continued on after the ambulance left.  We enjoyed lunch at Prescott Brewery and then continued on to Jerome and then home.  Enjoy the pics!

Cholla Cross Race, Wickenburg AZ (ATR) Nov 2007

AMRA and ATR hosted our next race for the season out at Mile Marker 4 (Wickenburg area).  The race was a mix of single track, rocks and sand with an Endurocross section for the spectators to enjoy!  ATR did a great job!

AMRA/TRS Copper Classic 100 Race Sept 2007

This was the 5th race in the AMRA series held in scenic San Manuel AZ.  The course was fantastic.  Had some issues with the first lap (got lost) but ended up with an 11th place.  Thanks Jenna and mom for their help with photos, camp and support!

Triumph run to Payson September 2007

MBonadio posted this ride on Southwest Rides.  Rush_Law meet up with us in Mesa and off to Payson we went.  After breakfast we head to Globe, then Winkelman, Superior and home.  Had a great time!

For sanity sake!  September 2007

Needed an afternoon to take the stress out.  Headed up Yarnell and ran into some rain in the Spars...after a lunch at Zeke's headed through the rain to Mingus mountain.  A nice beautiful dry run to Jerome...Had some issues with LEO in Cottonwood then back to valley!

Two day of riding..... August 2007

Well our significant others went out of town so it was time to get in some needed practice for the upcoming race in September.  I guess it's going to be 100 miles of torture(fun).  Saturday we rode 50 miles at the mile markers and then Sunday a big loop by Lake Pleasant, Black Canyon Trail and Crown King... good times!

Mund's Park for Johnny's Birthday August 2007

Took the family up to Mund's Park to celebrate Johnny's birthday and got to do some camp'n and rid'n!  Everyone had a great time! Super great to spend some time with Mike and his family too!  Finally got some time to try stoppies and wheelies in the meadow!

AMRA and WeBe Racing in Monticello UT July 2007

Dennis, Johnny, Dave and I made the trek!  Congrats to Johnny and Dennis for landing 1st and 3rd in their class!  I pulled an 8th and a muscle or two!! :)  The trip was great, the course was the best ever and the weather was absolutely beautiful!  Thank you Bull Hollow/WeBe Racing for hosting.  And it was great to see a super turn out from AMRA and specifically OCMC members who made it an unforgettable event. 

Skull Valley run July 2007

Justin got his new Triumph Daytona 675 and want to do some break in miles.  Tyler got himself a new Ducati 1098 and just found himself with alot of extra time!  Dave and I need some stress relief so we took off to Bagdad, then Skull Valley and into Prescott for lunch.  We brought the Spars back in Yarnell and home... great trip! Great roads!  Great friends!

Yarnell to Prescott run!  May 2007

KC from posted a potential trip but no real replies for the holiday weekend.  I had an opening in my schedule present itself and 12 hours before take off a plan had been put together.  We ended up with 8 bikes, LEO issues and then just a dreamy ride into Prescott and back down and video!

Dubbed the Manly Man Run!  May 2007

This ride started as a cross post between West Side Sport Riders, and Southwest Rides.  Southwest Rides called it the "Manly Man Ride" because of the amount of miles and selection of roads we were going to take!  640 Miles, 14 hours, 1 bike down, NO TICKETS, and great new friends!

Sheridan Mountain Showdown!  April 2007

ATR (Arizona Trail Riders) put on the 3rd event in the AMRA series this weekend.  We packed up the family and headed up to Camp Wood on Saturday.  My cousin Angie came all the way out from Michigan to see the race.  Had a great OCMC turn out too!  The race itself was fun, well organized, and brutal!  :)  Had my issues for sure!  Thank you to my family, friends, ATR, AMRA, Forest Service and the countless volunteers that put this event together!

Carefree day!  April 2007

Originally posted a ride for Saturday, but had a nasty root canal on Friday that had me out of the mood!  :(  Well Troy moved the post to Sunday and we had a few show up.  A morning run with the bikes.  Came back to camp and Paul and Josh went out with us.  We pretty much toured the entire outskirts of the riding area off of Carefree!  Thanks for a good ride guys!  Nice to see Susie back out there!

Rain = mud = perfect desert! March 2007

Everyone took off to the dunes this weekend.  I couldn't make it and was looking for a ride Saturday.  Clay has a standing ride every Saturday and reminded me at our Hooter's lunch!  It had just rained for two days and the desert was in perfect condition!  So much traction!  WOW!  Thanks for the fun ride Clay, Darin, Miguel, and Kenny! run up the mountain! March 2007

Freakinhippie posted a ride on the forum.  We all met at Twin Wheels restaurant for a kick ass breakfast and headed to Yarnell. From there we headed into Prescott.  Enjoyed the cooler weather and moved on to Bagdad.  Nice twisties coming out of Bagdad back to Wickenburg and home!  Cool ride!  Thanks Terry, DJ, and Josh!  Had a great time!

Tearing down the ole YZ490 March 2007

After 10 years of storage Paul convinced me to part out my YZ490.  He wanted the gold wheels for his KX250.  Looks like the rest of the stuff will go on Ebay!  Thanks Paul and Jenna for your help!

Single Track fun behind Wild Horse March 2007

Invited some friends out to link up different branches of the single track out behind the Wild Horse (the legal area!)  I lost my clutch cable in the first 10 minutes.  I decided to ride anyway and had a blast!  Thanks Troy, Ed, Robb and Don for the fun!

AMRA/RockStars Holy Joe II Scramble Feb 2007

Really put in alot of time prior to this race trying to get in shape.  Had great support from the family getting ready and setting up.  Got off to a great start from Row 1 and blew the front tire two miles into the first lap.  Grrrrr!  I thought about quitting for an instant but then I saw the dust of the guy in front of me and decided to do what it takes to finish the race and try to be competitive!  I finished 7th in my class and 10th overall!  Whew I was whipped! Congrats to Johnny for taking 1st overall in his race.  Great to see Dennis, Paul, Troy, Ed, Khris, Don etc. all put forth their best out there!

Mile Marker 11.5 Jan 2007

We have been trying to get in as many miles as possible in preparation of the February race in Mammoth.  Got the call about Sunday, called a few friends and they called some friends and all of a sudden we had 10!  Woohoo!  We had a great time.  Paul gets the cow patty award for the rear flat... and glad he's ok after making contact with the idiot on the quad that intentionally turned into him!

Wheelies out front Jan 2007

Johnny was over for a visit... seeing how he's the wheelie king we decided to let him critique us in our efforts!  Way to go Shelby!!

Gasline Road again Jan 2007

Larry put together a trip for Saturday for gas line road again.  Him and I were the only ones that showed up!  Everyone else's loss!  We had a great time and had alot of fun!

Gasline Road Jan 2007

Johnny and I needed to get some practice in after work and get some miles on... we decided to blast the gasline road from Wild Horse to Rock Springs

Mile Marker Trip Jan 2007 

26 degrees......burrrrrr!  We had a blast riding the single track out at the mile markers!  Took a trip through the oasis!  Cool area...lots of ice on the rocks!

AMA Supercross at Chase Field January 2007

Had a great time this year at Supercross!  It's gonna be hard to beat James Stewart!

Kilauea Krusher II  January 2007

Off Camber's Kilauea Krusher II AMRA event.  The family and I manned Check Point #3 for the qualifier!  Had a great time.  All the racers had fun too!

One of our favorites coming into Jerome!

Cholla Cross, Wickenburg AZ

I hate it when that happens!  ;)

And the "Cow Patty" award goes to BOB!

Practicing the fun stuff in Mund's Park!

Johnny 1st and Dennis 3rd place trophies!  Bull Hollow!

Christa giving the 675 a try!  ;)

Tyler ditched us for better scenery!

Off the starting line Sheridan Mtn Showdown

In da 'bush'

Having some fun on the Triumph! Photo by DJ

Darin show'n his new talent!!

Johnny catch'n his breath!

Shelby gett'n some!

OCMC Krusher II Race









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