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2012 Bike Fun!

Sedona MTB Oct 2012

Met up with Luis, Marcel, Lisa and her dad for a day in the red rocks!  Perfect weather, perfect pace..... perfect day! 

Mormon/National MTP at SoMo Sept 2012

Sunday's run was up the Mormon trail to the National trail on South Mountain.  This was by far the most technical trail I have attempted.  Kind of a mix of hiking/biking for sure.  Oh and Hidden Canyon was the coolest!!!

Solo Run on Deem's Hill MTB Sept 2012

Finally got my GoPro mount for the handlebars.  Didn't last long when I went over the bars.  Put together a laid back video of the Saturday morning trek.

Deems Hill trail MTB Sept 2012

While mountain biking at the Phoenix Sonoran Preserve another rider told us about Deem's Hill trail system.  Once rehydrated from our early morning run we went and gave it a try.  Broke my chain at the farthest point from the trailhead and had to walk out 3.5 miles..... :(

Phoenix Sonoran Preserver MTB Part Duex Sept 2012

Took the Bronco and bike out this weekend.  We had milder temps due to some moisture rolling through.  Took advantage and headed to the trails.  Felt much stronger this time on the hill but still and a$$ kicker!

McDowell Mountain Park MTB Sept 2012

Back to back rides this weekend for Labor Day.  We heard the McDowell trails we epic... they were right!  We did the Sport Loop, part of the Tech Loop and finished with the Long Loop.  Enjoy the addition of Lisa and Marcel to our outing!

Phoenix Sonoran Preserve MTB Sept 2012

Looking for something new and closer to home we settled on the Phoenix Sonoran Preserve around I-17 and Jomax area. Real tough climb right out of the parking lot but the rest is beautiful and fun. Enjoy the pictures.

White Tanks MTB Aug 2012

First trip to the hills on the Gary Fisher 29er.  The suspension and tires worked great.  Wearing padded shorts made all the difference in a comfortable ride.  Noticed a difference in my stamina.  Made the first two hils this time without stopping.  Thanks for a great ride Luis and Johnny!  Oh and Happy Birthday Johnny!

Sunset MTB ride Aug 2012

Storms were rolling in from the north.  I took off on the mtb in the light rain.  While cruising through the desert I was met with some of the most phenomenal skies I have ever seen!!!  First night on new used bike.  Got a great deal on a 2008 Gary Fisher 29er.

Northern AZ trip on the Ducati Aug 2012

Doug and Earl wanted to ride north to get out of the heat.  I had a couple of ideas for stops along the way.  We hit Cornville, Sedona and Flagstaff and then blasted back to the valley.

South Mountain MTB Aug 2012

Posted up a Sunday ride to the Desert Classic trail and Kyle joined Johnny, Luis and myself.  It's right in Kyle's backyard so he showed us some new trails and shortcuts.

White Tank Mountains MTB Aug 2012

Looks like an emerging pattern spending the early weekend mornings on a mountain bike trail.  Back out to the Sonoran Loop.

South Mountain Ride MTB July 2012

Since I still had the rental bike I decided to ride the Desert Classic mountain bike trail at South Mountain.  Temps were great and the company a blast!

White Tank Mountains MTB July 2012

Johnny got me hooked on mountain bikes.  So I rented a bike from Exhale Bikes in Phoenix and headed out to the Sonoran Loop at the White Tank Mountains in west Phoenix.

Tucson trip on the Ducati May 2012

I had to attend a work seminar down in Tucson.  After the shindig I headed out through the Tohono Indian Reservation to see some new parts of Arizona.  Beautiful part of the state.

Southwest MotoCop Competition April 2012

If you have never attended one of these competitions you are missing out.  This is the best of the best motocop competition for the southwest USA.

Bling'n out Mom's Polaris Jan 2012

Mom needed quite a bit of maintenance work on her quad.  Billy and I refurbished the axles and boots and did a complete PM of the quad.  Mom needed tires so I chatted with my friends down at Discount Tire.  We put on SS rims with Dirt Tamer tires all around!

Working SuperCross 2012 Jan 2012

Got a chance to work as a flagger for the AMA Supercross 2012.  Great fun, great action!!

McDowell Mountain Park

Sunset during August storms

Oak Creek Canyon

Mountain biking South Mountain

2012 Southwest MotoCop Competition

Mom's quad getting some bling!

AMA Supercross 2012




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