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2006 Trips

OCMC Krusher II test run Dec 2006

Our club (Off Camber Motorcycle Club) went out and critiqued the layout for the 2007 race!  Had a great time!

War @ 4 Last race of the year for AMRA  Dec 2006

We had a great time.  Thanks to all my family support at the race.  Enjoy the pics!

Out at the Wildhorse riding area again! Dec 2006

Went out with Troy, Steve, Ed and Paul.  Troy ended up with a rear flat early on...Paul had some issues with his front tire, but we managed to make good time on the single track! 

Mile Marker 11 Hwy 74 November 2006

Took a vacation day to go play with my new suspension from Palo Verde Suspensions (MX-Tech).  Also got a chance to do some riding with Paul (brother) on his KX-250...ran a little of everything.  Washes, hills, single track.

Crown King and the 216 Trail Nov 2006

Got a call from Johnny that he wanted to explore the 216 trail off the back way to Crown King.  Paul on his new KTM525 showed, along with Mike on his big thumper!  We worked our butts off on the 216 trail.  No one had been back there for a while.  Food was good as usual at Cindy's!  6pm return and rode a flat 10 miles out! 

Sycamore Creek in the fall! Sept 2006

Johnny sent out the invite for a morning ride out to Sycamore Creek area.  We had 10 people show.... Chris was lead man all day and showed us some great single track.  I ended up with alot of cactus in me....I remember pulling some out of Frank too!  ;)  Great ride!

Mental Health Day Sept 2006

Took a vacation day to run some done early so took a mind clearing trip around AZ...trying to find the twisties and meet some new people!  Enjoy the pics.

Labor Day Crown King adventure Sept 2006

Finally got a three day weekend.  Mom asked us all to come up to Crown King to celebrate her belated birthday.  So we packed up the bikes and headed north.  The mountain kicked our arse!  Christa and Amber crashed, Steve hit a Rhino head on, I hit another dirtbike head on, Shelby high sided on his dirtbike, Paul high sided on his dirtbike, and Sean got a flat... quite the injured list.  But good to be with family and friends for the holiday!  Enjoy the pics!

Hwy 191 aka Old Hwy 666 run August 2006

Met up with BlackTriple and Joe Dirt for a Sunday ride up Salt River Canyon....once we got to ShowLow we decided to mosey over to Apline to run the famed Hwy 191... 435 turns in 100 miles... 40-30-20-10 mph corners!  Woohoo!  Total mileage for the trip was 620 miles!  My wrists, butt and neck is still sore!  But what a ride!  Thanks Brett and Mike!

West Side Sport Riders August 2006

I sold a buddy of mine my 1979 GS1000e recently and he wanted to go for a ride up in the curves.  We decided a return run to Yarnell and Jerome.  We ran into some awesome guys from WSSR and spent the rest of the morning with them zip'n around the mountains.  Thanks for awesome hospitality and new friendships!

Triumph675 AZ Run August 2006

I threw a post up on to see if anyone wanted to hit Yarnell to Prescott to Jerome and joedirt and decipral said they were heading up there Sunday.  We had a great run through the twisties!  I put on 370 miles by time I hit my front door step!  Great ride, new friends, kick ass bikes!  :)

Summer run to Crown King July 2006

Finally got the CRF450X going again.  On my last race in May I had tore off foot peg / kickstand assembly.  I was able to order the replacement bolts, find the right tap and get that fixed!  Pretty strange going from riding a street bike back to the dirt bike.  Whole different feel!  We had a great ride... 4 flat tires... Johnny had three of them!  Great turn out!  Steve, Dennis, Johnny, Terry, Frank, Scott, Paul and myself... 7 Hondas, 1 KTM!

Triumph Daytona 675 welcomed to the stable June 2006

I looked all over the country trying to get my hands on one of these bikes.  I managed to get my name on a list at LA Cycle Sports.  Bob and Ray were great!  Called as soon as mine came in.... Christa and I took a trip to LA to pick it up.  Spent an afternoon on the PCH up to Malibu.  Went through Muholland Canyon and Topanga Canyon to put some break in miles on her before bringing her back to Phoenix!

Cherry Creek European Scramble May 2006

Another altitude race to escape the valley heat!  This one took place in Young AZ.  Nice little town with 20 plus miles of dirt to get to it.  They tried a new format this time with two scrambles to run and your times averaged together.  I pulled a 4th/6th for an average of 5th place and 15th overall.  I got impaled by a cactus, hit a tree and lost my foot peg and kick stand.  We all had a great time!

Kids and their new dirtbikes! May 2006

We finally got the Polini running for Shelby.  Jenna didn't want her quad anymore so we got her a Honda CRF50.  These are the kids first rides on their new bikes!  They love em!

Camp Wood Desert Scramble April 2006

Now that it's hot in the valley the races go up north.  What a beautiful place.  Camp Wood sits at 5800 feet elevation.  The race course took you through ponderosa pine, sand washes, forest service roads and rocky rocky single track!  This was Johnny's first race in the AMRA and he smoked the "Sportsman" class!  Congrats!  I got a 5th in my class and 19th overall...gett'n better!

Sycamore Single Track April 2006

Johnny gave me a call and said the gang was going out to Sycamore Creek area to revisit some awesome single track.  Spring in the desert is just beautiful.  Sycamore is all decomposed granite (slippery), sand and boulders.  We even found some water to play in!  Scott, Johnny, Steve, Tom, Greg

Raindance Grand Prix March 2006

Due to the forest service restrictions the Rock Ranch Desert Scramble was graciously hosted by Canyon Raceway and renamed the "Raindance GP".  The course utilized both MX tracks, enduro obstacles and single track.  Hottest event so far and a real challenge!  Due to numerous wrecks and wrapping my gear shifter around my boot I came in 10th in my class and 23rd overall.

Snow Run to Crown King March 2006

Arizona is finally getting some weather.  Snow was the forecast for Crown King.  We left early to get a good breakfast at the CK Saloon.  While we were up there it started snowing like crazy!  The ride was awesome.  Johnny and I got a chance to check out our new steering stabilizers and Dennis with his new pipe, jetting, and airbox mods. 

Holy Joe Hare Scramble Feb 2006

2nd race of the AMRA series and also AMA National event!  Had a great time!  A grueling 45 miles in two hours!  I managed to place 6th in my class and 22nd overall!  Woohoo!

Kilauea Crusher Desert Scramble Jan 2006

It was my New Year's resolution to try racing this year.  Dennis introduced us to the AMRA series through his club Off Camber Motorcycle Club (OCMC).  Check out the story here!

Got to have the right tunes!

Inspiration!! ;)

Finding a little lift!

Shelby on his Polini

Tres Daytonas

Oh hell yes!

Terry taking it all in!

It's a good day!

Selling my old GS1000e

Me and Shelby (mini moto)

My little drama girl!

Oh this is going to hurt!

The awesome women in my life!

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