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Recently I picked up a adventure camera for my motorsports interests.  The camera I picked out was a GoPro Motorsports Hero camera that came with an assortment of mounts and I have made a few of my own.....I also use the video option on my Canon cameras for other types of shots..... cheap and easy!  Enjoy!  Oh yea.... give it time to load!


This is from the next to the last race for the 2008 AMRA's season.  We raced the San Manuel Copper Classic in southern AZ.  The course was fast and demanding!  I got the first 13 minutes of the race before the camera got whacked by a tree.... but fun stuff!

Christa and I went to the MotoGP party at the Fox and Hound to meet up with the Southwest Rides group.  They had a raffle and Christa won half a day of AZTrackDay and of course gave it to me!!  Awesome... then for my birthday she got me the other half day!  So here it is... a compulation of the day's riding!  Thanks baby! group got a day in the Spars!  We had 4 different colors of the Triumph Daytona 675.  A good mix of photos, videos and music!   Enjoy!

KimberlyRing from posted a trip to Mount Lemmon AZ.  She volunteered to be our local tour guide!  The trip was epic....and so are the videos!!
Mt Lemmon Part 1

Mt Lemmon Part II


*Updated and shortened! Stock, Open Pipe and TBR exhaust sound

I went in on a group buy for a Two Brothers Exhaust for the 2008 Triumph Daytona 675.  The install went smoothly.  The look and sound are fantastic!

AZSpeedTriple (Sean) posted up a ride on  Scott, Ryan, Matt and myself showed up bright and early at the prearranged meeting time off of Idaho road.  Guess who slept in?  HAHA  Well Sean made great time and we were off!  What a great time.  Played with the still cameras and videos cameras alot on this trip!  Check it out!

*NEW* Bike flyby....5 different exhaust systems!

*NEW* Salt River Canyon!

Jeff (Juggz675) put together a Saturday run on  It ended up getting cross posted on  We had 10 people show up for a fantastic ride!  We covered Yarnell, Spars and Mingus Mountain.  Unfortunately Jeff was not able to attend due to a fuel issue... We'll catch you on the next one Jeff!  Enjoy the videos!


Juggz Mingus Mountain Run!

Juggz Spars Run!


My cousin Kurt graduated from United States Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego.  Matt and I rode over and met the family for the graduation.  We had a great time and managed to find the long way (one of my shortcuts) and met some great people along the way!  Enjoy the video!

San Diego Trip (hwy 78)
Hoo Doo Hare Scramble, Page AZ

This was the third points paying race for the 2008 AMRA season.  FAST'R hosted a race in beautiful Page AZ.  Super thanks to the town of Page for inviting us.  The entire race took place within the city limits!  Incredible fun, great friends, and one tough sandy course!  Enjoy the video!

Lonnie posted up a run for Saturday.  We started at the T/A Truck stop at 339th Ave.  Nice cruise up Vulture Mine Road to Wickenburg.  There we met up with the other half of the riders.  It was great meeting new people and seeing old friends! Enjoy the videos!

Vulture Mine Rd run with Trumpetlon


"Trouble" posted up a run on for a northern AZ loop.  We covered Wickenburg, Prescott, Jerome, Strawberry and Payson in one trip!  Started with 19 bikes!  Great time had by all!  Enjoy the video!

Trouble's Northern Loop


Trouble's Northern Loop

Yarnell Hill

Trouble's Northern Loop

Mingus Mountain

Globe AZ National Hare Scramble

Rockstars Motorcycle Club put on a fantastic race!  Thank you to Dennis for the accommodations Friday night.  Would have been miserable in the back of my truck with all the rain and wind!  Pulled off a decent finish for my first race this year! Enjoy the video!

Degamed posted up an Arizona Rat Pack run up Yarnell.  We had 6 bikes and a Cobra show up for a few passes up Yarnell.  We had a great breakfast at the Ranch House.  DJ unfortunately went down coming out of Yarnell.  He's ok! Check out the video.

AZ Rat Pack Run DJs Crash

AZ Rat Pack run Up Yarnell Hill

AZ Rat Pack Down Yarnell!

Hwy 191 (aka 666) run

Met up with BlackTriple and Joe Dirt for a Sunday ride up Salt River Canyon....once we got to ShowLow we decided to mosey over to Alpine to run the famed Hwy 191... 435 turns in 100 miles... 40-30-20-10 mph corners!  Woohoo!  Total mileage for the trip was 620 miles!  My wrists, butt and neck is still sore!  But what a ride!  Thanks Brett and Mike!

I threw a post up on to see if anyone wanted to hit Yarnell to Prescott to Jerome and joedirt and decipral said they were heading up there Sunday.  We had a great run through the twisties!  I put on 370 miles by time I hit my front door step!  Great ride, new friends, kick ass bikes!  :)

Triumph675 ride through AZ mountains!

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