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2010 Trips

Another run on the gasline Dec 2010

Got another run together with Johnny, Bob and Jim to do the gasline road again.  So great seeing everyone after being off the dirtbike for 1.5 years!!!!  Good body sore from a weekend of riding, but well worth it!

Solo run up the gasline Dec 2010

Finally got released from PT for my shoulder and needed to get the dirt bike back in the dirt!  The gasline is a good shake down run for both me and the bike!

Friday breakfast at "The Place" Dec 2010

We had a great turn out and finally had to move the group inside...getting a little chilly now.

Trip to the fall colors Nov 2010

Headed up to Prescott to do a few hot laps in the Spars.  Had a great time, no traffic, temps were great and the scenery was fantastic! 

2Up Ride with Ted Rich Nov 2010

Armed with the gift certificate I won at bike night I headed out to Firebird raceway to meet Ted Rich.  The 2 up ride was an unbelievable experience.  Ted is a racer/owner of AZTrackDay and doesn't hold much back for the 2up hot laps.... check out his web site and how the bike is set up!

Eastside Bike Night Oct 2010

Southwestrides and Dam Bikers assembled for an EPIC East Side Bike Night at the Tilted Kilt on Gilbert in Mesa.  We had a great raffle giving away all kinds of prizes!  I won a gift certificate from TEAM AZ for the Expert Riders Course.  Thank you to all the sponsors:

Cycle Gear
North Valley Honda
Helmet Center
D.P. Motorsports
Western Honda
AZ Trackday
Tilted Kilt
T.E.A.M. Arizona

Westside Bike Night Oct 2010

Southwestrides and Dam Bikers assembled for a West Side Bike Night at the Tilted Kilt in Arrowhead.  We had a great raffle giving away all kinds of prizes!  I won the 2UP ride at AZTrackDay with Ted Rich.  Thank you to all the sponsors:

Cycle Gear
North Valley Honda
Helmet Center
D.P. Motorsports
Western Honda
AZ Trackday
Tilted Kilt
T.E.A.M. Arizona

Doing a burnout on the Ducati!  Oct 2010

I had Michelin Pilot Power that wore so flat it wouldn't corner at all.... I had procured some new Pirellis so we burned off the old rubber!

Breakfast at C4 Oct 2010

The sun is getting lower in the sky this time of morning.  Epic sunrises and great company at Cave Creek Coffee Company!

Bike Night at Gametime (SWR) Sept 2010

Now that the temperatures are calming down a bit we started up westside bike nights again.  Great to see everyone and the service was 10x better than BWW!

C4 again!! (SWR) Sept 2010

Our Monday morning breakfast run to Cave Creek Coffee Company with Southwestrides!  Temps are nice!

RTE Breakfast at "The Place" (SWR) Sept 2010

Friday morning breakfast at "The Place".   Great food, great friends and some great laughs!

Cave Creek Coffee Company (SWR) Sept 2010

Our Monday morning breakfast run to Cave Creek Coffee Company with Southwestrides!  Temps are getting nice again!

Run to Prescott Valley Sept 2010

Paul wanted to do a run through the Spars again now that he got his bike back together after powdercoating the frame.  James and Dean came along and we got some great pictures on the ride!  Even some hooligan stuff!

Spars run with Jenna Aug 2010

Nana and Papa moved up to Prescott Valley and it was time for a visit!  Jenna wanted to go up on the bike so we took the way through Wickenburg, Spars and into Prescott on the Ducati!

Some Vintage photos scanned in..... 1988-1997

Saw a post on Thumpertalk about vintage photos from days gone by and realized I hadn't scanned any of my old riding photos.... so here's a random selection of fun before digital cameras!

Prescott Valley Run with Jenna  July 2010

Needed to run Jenna up to Nana's for a visit.  We took the Hypermotard.  After dropping her off I ran through a massive thunderstorm with rain, wind and lightning!  WOW!

Tour of Arizona July 2010

Paul put together a ride through the Spars, Prescott, Sedona and Flagstaff.  Cliff, Johnny, Tim and I all had a great time!  We meet up with our friends that were driving in from New York while we were at Oregano's in Flagstaff

Trip to Lemon Grove, CA May 2010

My brother Paul bought a 1997 DR650SE in Lemon Grove over the Internet.  Johnny and I were supposed to ride over to meet Paul and ride back with him.  Johnny looped his KX500 the weekend before we were supposed to leave, so I made the trek over Friday afternoon on my new Ducati.  I ran into my cuzzies in Lemon Grove on Saturday!  Hadn't seen them in years!  Turned out to be an EPIC trip!

Mother's Day Trip to Bob's Mine May 2010

Mom wanted her day with family and friends out at Bob's Mine! Everyone had a great time with wheeling, riding, hiking, shooting and Billy asking Dana to marry him! EPIC DAY!

Tag Game! 2010

I've been playing motorcycle tag on a few different sites.  It's where someone sets a photo location or idea and you have to ride out there and get a picture of your bike at that location.  Here's a compilation of those tags!

Arizona Cycle Park (A day at the track) April 2010

Paul put together a Sunday at Arizona Cycle Park.  He's finally got his newly rebuilt KX250 broke in... I needed to see how my shoulder surgery is holding up.  Curt needed to get back into the dirt and Johnny and Terry needed a ride somewhere else besides the dunes!  Great time had by all!

Another South Mountain Morning April 2010

Twas a good day for the dual sports on the mountain.  Great run with Art, Curt, Dan, Dean and James!  Sorry to hear of your spill after we left the mountain Art!

Photoshoot with the new Ducati April 2010

I got the new Ducati Hypermotard 1100s out to a nice spot for a photoshoot!  This new bike is unbelievably nimble and powerful!  A really good fit for me!  Enjoy the pics!

Friday Morning South Mountain trip April 2010

Now that things are starting to warm up in the desert, Russ'l started up the weekly Friday meet at Starbucks, then a run up South Mountain! We had a great time and it was the first run on my new Ducati!

New Bike Purchase April 2010

After the demo ride on the Ducati Hypermotard I had to figure out a way to get one!  Brian at GOAZ Ducati did a great job working a deal for me! 

Ducati Demo Ride April 2010

Tim and I went up to GOAZ Ducati to demo our favorite bikes.  Tim road the new Triumph Daytona 675 and I rode the Ducati HyperMotard 1100.  Good times!

Totaled the Triumph!  March 2010

28 years riding on the street and never been in an accident!  Until now!  A nice day spent with my brother ended in wrecking both our bikes on a dark back road in Southwest AZ!

Candlelight Vigil for Fallen Motorcyclist March 2010

A sanitation truck driver was looking at this paperwork when he plowed into 9 motorcyclist on 8 bikes, killing 4 of the riders.  A horrific accident.  One week later a candlelight vigil was held for the riders, their families and friends.  GOD BLESS!

Bike Night at McDuffy's Feb 2010

There was a post on Southwestrides for a bike night out at McDuffy's.  They had Vet Tix out there taking donations and a calendar photoshoot with the Helldorado Girls.

Happy Hour @ Hooters Feb 2010

Tim and I hit up happy hour on Tuesday.  I was on the dirtbike and asked the girls if they would model for a picture. 

Dual Duel in the Desert Feb 2010

This was Round 3 of the 2010 AMRA season of offroad motorcycle racing.  FAST'R and OffCamber Motorcycle clubs put on a two day event in Wickenburg.  I worked with the FAST'R group on Saturday as a sweep rider.  Sunday worked with Paul and Shelby running a check for Off Camber's race.  Great weekend of fun and the desert was amazing!

Bike Night BWW Jan 2010

The weather had been nice and holding in the 70s all week, so thought it was time to get a bike night on the books.  Posted up on Southwest Rides and had a great turn out! 

Crown King on the dirtbikes Jan 2010

Johnny put together a trip to Crown King.  We had four peeps show up for the trip up the back way.  Matt and Troy looked pretty cold when they showed up.  By the time we got under way it warmed up.  Good times!  One flat was the only drama!



Prescott fall colors

Ninja Girl Lives!!!

Eastside Bike night with SWR!

Enjoying some Ducati love!

Stormy start to my Friday

Fall sunrise on Carefree Hwy

Skull Valley fun

Sedona on the bikes!

Jenna ready to tackle the heat!

Lake Cuyamaca, CA

Fun with the Hypermotard

Arizona Cycle Park, Buckeye AZ

My new Ducati Hypermotard 1100s

Triumph Totaled!!!!

Candlelight vigil for fallen bikers!  God Bless!

Paul at the Dual Duel in the Desert

Crown King trail

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