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2005 Trips

Christmas vacation at Mile Marker 11.8  Dec 2005

Bob and Lisa staged their motorhome off Hwy 74.  This was to be home base for a week of riding and fun. 

Table Mesa Ranch to the boonies! Nov 2005

Creeg was going to lead us to Seven Springs from Table Mesa…but the trails were destroy by storms, fires and overgrown bushes.  The result was an interesting day of discovery and survival.  Check it out!

Wildhorse ride with the whole family Oct 2005

Johnny put together a trip out to Wildhorse riding area to put some miles on our new CRF450Xs.  We invited friends and family and had a great day of riding!

Birthday run at Cottonwood OHV Park Oct 2005

A last minute get together with family and friends.  Wanted the kids to have a good area to learn their new bikes and a great area to break in my new CRF450X.  Shelby found out how quick whoops can getcha!  Mom got into some "Catclaws" that wouldn't turn her loose.  Amber found 2nd gear.  It was  a true dream realized to have all the family riding their own bikes! Enjoy the pics!

Pismo Beach (Oceano Dunes) CA Sept 2005

Sirhk put together a killer rendevous on the beach!  So Cal meets up with the AZ crew for a rematch in the dunes!!

Cottonwood OHV Park May 2005

Our neighbor mentioned he found a cool place to ride while doing a job in Cottonwood.  I guess this place has been there quite a few years now.  The great part is it's cooler then Phoenix.  Temps are starting to creep so we are looking for higher altitude rides!  Johnny and I bumped handlebars on one of the tracks.  He had a long slide under the bike!  Nasty road rash.  Sorry about that one bro!

Trials Competition, Prescott AZ Alto Pit April 2005

Shirk from TT invited us up to Prescott to watch the Trials Competition.  These riders are amazing!  And not your typical looking biker bunch either!  Enjoy the pics!

Glamis Sand Dunes April 2005

Sirhk asked if we would like to join his San Diego crew in Glamis for the weekend.  We had a great time!  Good people, new friends and some killer Bahamamamas!

Single Track and Jumps! White Tanks again! March,2005

Pretty large group showed up to take advantage of some killer terrain.  We got to check out some of the single track in the area and then went over to the carpet jumps.

Back to Crown King after the floods March, 2005

The trail has been modified since the floods by bikes, quads, and trucks.  It's finally passable again.  7 of us made it up in one hour forty five minutes.  This is our story!

Tonto National Forest Ride Feb, 2005

We left from my mom’s house and headed out to the beautifully green desert.  The trail was overgrown in places.  All of us got poked with cactus at one time or another!  Great ride!

Day trip out to the White Tank riding area Feb, 2005

We continue to get rain weekly this winter.  The desert is becoming a swamp!  Johnny brought us out to a riding area that has it all.  Mud, water, high speed and jumps!

Nightmare trip to Crown King Feb, 2005

Absolutely grueling trip to the infamous Crown King.  Elevation 5000ft.  We have received an enormous amount of rain.  Made for one hell of a trip!

Back way to Crown King in the snow and mud! Jan, 2005

We had a bunch of rain come through on Saturday.  So Sunday we hit the trail.  What an awesome trip!  Started on the Castle Creek road and met up with the Crown King trail.  Castle Creek road was a mess too!  Lots of mud.

Camping and Dirt Bik'n with Family and Friends Jan, 2005

Our dirt bik'n neighbors invited us out to their campsite just outside of Phoenix.  They found a nice spot on BLM and we did some nice desert riding.  The desert is soooooo green right now.  Thanks B & L!

First trip to the track.  AZ Cycle Park  Jan, 2005

Johnny finally twisted my arm enough.  We originally planned Canyon Raceway but the mud was too intense on the track.  So we headed out to Arizona Cycle Park south of Buckeye, AZ.  Nice track, well groomed.  I learned alot about myself and bike that day!



Brothers ride again!

It's a good day!

Tommy Clowers in Glamis

It's all about the ride!

Lisa with her new grpahics kit from SKIN

Lisa with her new SKIN graphics

Shelby gett'n it!

Shelby showing us how it's done!

Awesome view out the tent window in PISMO

View out my window! 

Mike reach'n for the stars on Johnny's bike

Pismo baby!

This is an understatement

I think it says it all!

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