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2008 Trips

Chilly Morning Ride to Tortilla Flats! Dec 2008

Got a last minute invite with James and John to take a nice cruise to Tortilla Flats on Sunday.  Grahame had a mishap turning into the meet spot and put his gorgeous Triumph on the ground.  He was ok but the bike took some damage.  A little LEO interaction too....well rounded day.  :\ 

Christmas GP Race Dec 2008

Speedworld and AMRA co hosted the final race of the AMRA 2008 season.  This race is one of my favorites.  It mixes the track with a race course through the desert around Speedworld's MX track!  I had a great time mix'n it up with everyone especially Dennis!  Good times!

Wet Morning on South Mountain Nov 2008

Thought the weather would hold out...NOPE!  We got soaked.. Not all the crew decided to go up after the McD's stop.  Those of us that continued on were met with consistent rain, cold and water crossing the road.  Scott had a hard time in one corner and had to lay it down!  Boo!  He's ok... here's the pics!

Glamis Sand Dunes Nov 2008

Paul wanted to get away and do some riding for his birthday.  We got a good group together and made a three day weekend out of it.  Had a great time.  Super proud of Shelby for his first time duning it!  Happy birthday brother!

AZ Track Day Nov 2008

Christa won me a 1/2 track day at the MotoGP Party in September and then for my birthday got me the 2nd half of the day!  What a girl!  This has been a life long dream to get out there and have some fun on the track!  Super thanks to Kyle for mentoring throughout the day!  Enjoy the pics and video!

Cycle World International Bike Show Nov 2008

I was really hyped about the bike show this was I disappointed.  Incredibly small, no overstock vendors, and $4.25 a coke.... we made the best of it and had some fun!!  Enjoy the pics!

Kilauea Krusher III Oct 2008

Off Camber Motorcycle Club's Kilauea Krusher III National Enduro was an epic event!  Tougher then ever!  The family and I worked the event.  This was the 5th race in the AMRA 2008 season and an AMA National!  Thanks to all who raced, worked it and spectated!  We appreciate all the support!

First trip out to Tortilla Flats Oct 2008

Sean and I took a trip out to Tortilla Flats to enjoy the scenery, curves, food and great weather!  Enjoy!

End of Summer Bike Night Sept 2008

We've been west side snobs for awhile!  So Jenna and I took a trip to Chandler to Iguana Mack's for bike night.  Good food, fun and friends!!

Bike Night BWW Sept 2008

Our traditional bike night at Buffalo Wild Wings.  The event gets posted up on Southwest Rides every week.  Now the temps are starting to get more forgiving I got Jenna to go down with me!

A break from the grind Sept 2008

Mark posted up on the Triumph site for an afternoon run last week.  We had 4 Triumph Daytona 675s show up!  We looked like a Triumph rainbow going down the road!  We went up through Yarnell and across the Spars into Prescott.  Lunch was great at The Prescott Brewery Co.  Enjoy the pics and video!

Another run to San Diego August 2008

This was a continuation of the Utah trip.  I needed to go to court for some traffic crap from another visit.  Clint decided to come along and we hit some fantastic roads in Southern California!  WooT!

Bull Hollow Raceway  August 2008

This was the next race in the AMRA 2008 series.  The event was co sanctioned with WEBE Racing.  Thanks to Bob, Carl and Ken for hauling my bike and gear to the race.  That allowed me to come up on my Triumph and enjoy some fantastic scenery!  Enjoy the pics!

Yankee Doodle Run July 2008

Bob put together a run across the Yankee Doodle trail above Mayer, AZ.  We staged at Poland Junction.  Had 7 guys total with our mix of "Oh sh*ts", mechanicals, and fantastic scenery and camaraderie.  Enjoy the pics!

Mile Marker Practice! July 2008

With our next race with the AMRA looming in the near future we needed some seat time after our summer hiatus.... Johnny put together a run out at the Mile Markers... we put in a solid 60 miles of fun!

Breakfast in Flagstaff via Happy Jack and Mormon Lake July 2008

You know it's the time of year here in Arizona that temps hit 100 by 10am now.... ugh!!! So it takes some commitment to drag your a$$ our of bed at 4:15am to make it to a 5am meet to beat the heat!!  Five bikes and some new faces!  It was all fun and games until one rider low sided coming through the 89A canyon southbound.  Good pics, good fun!

Crappy Day on Yarnell July 2008

Had a great day planned!  Breakfast in Prescott at Zeke's by way of Yarnell and the Spars...well the group got pulled over going up Yarnell with me in the lead.  The officer didn't like my answers so arrested me for Reckless driving.  Spent a day in the Prescott jail and bike impounded!  F$%K!

Mt Lemmon Run with SouthwestRides! June 2008

We had two months advance warning about this ride!  2:30am wake up, 4am westside meet..6am Tucson meet!  The ride up the mountain was incredible!  75 degree temps at the top!  Check out the pictures and video!

Street Quad'n to Crown King!  June 2008

Saturday before father's day I got invited to a 4x4 trip up the backway to CK.. had things to do in the morning so couldn't make the trip. As it so happens the kids are gone by mid day and the girly friend had to work in the afternoon which left me...hmmm...what to do.... I did want to feel the cool air at 6200 ft elevation but wanted to bike ride too..... $90 in gas in the Bronco? No... street bike in the 35 miles of dirt? No... the only other thing I had licensed to ride was a quad.... hehe... sounds like fun and I could make good time too! And get that wind in the hair (well through the helmet) and get some relaxation in too!

Another South Mountain Run!  June 2008

MBonadio posted up again for his weekly SOM run.  We had 10 bikes show up this morning and had a great time on the mountain.  Sean let do a lap on his Speed Triple... HELL YEA!  Thank you Sean, that was a blast! 

Sanity Run through Payson June 2008

An opportunity presented itself and get the SWR Tag game back in full swing.  The air was nice and cool in the high country.  Put on another 250 miles!  Got some nice pics too!

Mbonadio's South Mountain Run! June 2008

I love my morning sleep, but I needed a good ride in the twisties so found myself slamming a Chai Tea at Starbucks with Martin and company.  We had a nice refreshing ride up to the towers and still made it into work early!  Thanks!

Salt River Canyon with May 2008

AZSpeedTriple (Sean) posted up a ride on  Scott, Ryan, Matt and myself showed up bright and early at the prearranged meeting time off of Idaho road.  Guess who slept in?  HAHA  Well Sean made great time and we were off!  What a great time.  Played with the still cameras and videos cameras alot on this trip!  Check it out!

Juggz675 Prescott Run May 2008

Jeff (Juggz675) put together a Saturday run on  It ended up getting cross posted on  We had 10 people show up for a fantastic ride!  We covered Yarnell, Spars and Mingus Mountain.  Unfortunately Jeff was not able to attend due to a fuel issue... We'll catch you on the next one Jeff!  Enjoy the pics and videos!

San Diego MCRD Trip April 2008

My cousin Kurt graduated from United States Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego.  Matt and I rode over and met the family for the graduation.  We had a great time and managed to find the long way (one of my shortcuts) and met some great people along the way!  Enjoy the pics and video!

Adopt A Highway OCMC Day April 2008

Off Camber Motorcycle Club has adopted a section of highway 74 to cleanup during the year.  It's our way of giving back and helping keep Arizona beautiful.  Thank you to everyone that showed up.  Enjoy the pics.

HooDoo Hare Scramble by FAST'R April 2008

This was the third points paying race for the 2008 AMRA season.  FAST'R hosted a race in beautiful Page AZ.  Super thanks to the town of Page for inviting us.  The entire race took place within the city limits!  Incredible fun, great friends, and one tough sandy course!  Enjoy the pics and video!

Trumpetlon's VMR to Bagdad Run March 2008

Lonnie posted up a run for Saturday.  We started at the T/A Truck stop at 339th Ave.  Nice cruise up Vulture Mine Road to Wickenburg.  There we met up with the other half of the riders.  It was great meeting new people and seeing old friends! Enjoy the pics and videos!

Off Camber Motorcycle Club (OCMC) Family BBQ, Ride and Easter Egg Hunt! March 2008

OCMC hosted a desert family outing Sunday.  There were rides for the big kids and the little kids.  We staged at the MileMarker's Boulder location.  After a great lunch of pork, dogs, and hamburgers the kids had an awesome Easter egg hunt and pinta party!  And a birthday cake for one of our members, Chuck!

ATR's Desert Mountain Enduro March 2008

This was the second points paying race for the 2008 AMRA season.  Hosted by ATR at the newly revised "Boulders Staging Area' on Hwy 74 MM 11.5.  Had a great time.  Got snowed on at the start line!  Super fun track!  Thanks ATR and AMRA!  Pictures and video!

Running with Trouble! ;) March 2008

"Trouble" posted up a run on for a northern AZ loop.  We covered Wickenburg, Prescott, Jerome, Strawberry and Payson in one trip!  Started with 19 bikes!  Great time had by all!  Enjoy the pictures and video!

Yarnell run with AZ Rat Pack! March 2008

Degamed posted up an Arizona Rat Pack run up Yarnell.  We had 6 bikes and a Cobra show up for a few passes up Yarnell.  We had a great breakfast at the Ranch House.  DJ unfortunately went down coming out of Yarnell.  He's ok! Check out the pictures and video.

Rockstars Classic II (AMA, AMRA) Feb 2008

Rockstars Motorcycle Club put on a fantastic race!  Thank you to Dennis for the accommodations Friday night.  Would have been miserable in the back of my truck with all the rain and wind!  Pulled off a decent finish for my first race this year! Pictures and video!

Gasline run with the dirt bikes! Feb 2008

It had been awhile since Larry and I had a chance to ride together.  We started at the Wild Horse bar and took the gasline road to Table Mesa then found a way into Rock Springs.  The Aqua Fria was running and made things interesting!

Trouble's VMR Run Feb 2008

Matt aka Trouble set up a run through  We started off from the T/A truckstop and cruised north on the Vulture Mine Road.  That is a really fun road! ;).  Next on the list was Yarnell then on to the Spars into Prescott.  Enjoyed a great lunch at the Prescott Brewery Company and back down the mountain!  Had a great time with everyone!

Parker 425 BITD Feb 2008

Guitarstrommer, Proto and myself took a frigid ride over to Parker to catch some of the action of the Parker 425.  Couldn't believe how big the crowd was!  It was soooo cold on the ride over!  I had so many layers on that I felt like the Michelin Man!  Check out the pics and videos!

Bagdad AZ run on the new Triumph Jan 2008

Sent out a last minute ride notice to Bagdad!  Shalihe74 accepted and turned out to be a great day of riding and relaxation on the new bike!  Super nice meeting Shalihe74 for the first time!  Thanks for a great run!

My new Triumph Daytona 675 Jan 2008

I just wanted to reach out and thank Dave and Josh with Euromotorsports in Scottsdale, AZ.  They made my new purchase a fantastic experience and highly recommend them to anyone interested in Triumph, Ducati, Agusta MV, BMW, etc. 

Tortilla Flats, AZ

No footer across the finish line! 

Scott assessing the damages from SOMO...

Shelby in Glamis!

AZ Track Day Firebird Main

Tortilla Flats AZ

Camping in Monticello UT!

Glamis Sand Dunes!

Yankee Doodle overlook!

High side on 89A in jeans..!

Crown King Road overlook!

Oh yea!! Johnny show'n us the CB919!

There's only a couple of ways to get this close up!

A colorful bunch in Jerome!

Matt and I in San Diego! Dos Amigos!

They put the "Hare" back in Hare Scramble!

AzSpeedTriple Bagdad Run

ATR's Desert Mountain Enduro

RockStars Classic II, Globe AZ

Two handsome guys! ;) VMR

Larry in the Aqua Fria, Gillette AZ

Twin Wheels Cafe, Wickenburg AZ

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